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The President Kaljulaid Foundation transfers 100 000 euros to Ukrainian free media

The President Kaljulaid Foundation has transferred the first 100 000 euros to Ukrainian free media, fundraised by donations in the past weeks.

“Thank you to all donors! There’s a saying that the first casualty of war is truth. This generosity demonstrates understanding regarding how important the free press is towards the functioning of a democratic country and for getting a true picture of the situation both inside the country as well as abroad. The journalists of Ukraine are doing the most difficult jobs of their lives in unimaginably difficult circumstances,” president Kersti Kaljulaid said.

After the war began, the Kersti Kaljulaid Foundation has been in contact with many large media houses of Ukraine to figure out the most essential ways to support them. “It’s very clear – nothing works without money, including journalism in the middle of a warzone. Their incomes have collapsed as you can’t exactly sell ads in the circumstances. On the other hand, they have new large expenditures for relocation, logistics, communications and so on,” she explained.

In the first round, the Kersti Kaljulaid Foundation supported the media houses of Ukrainskaya Pravda and Novoe Vremya, both among the most widely distributed in Ukraine.

“The war hasn’t stopped. Therefore we will continue to support the independent media of Ukraine,” said President Kaljulaid. “There’s a shortage of many things in Ukraine, but there’s also a shortage of money – money to buy fuel, food, accommodation, means of communication. The international community owes much to the independent media of Ukraine. Today we prove that we care that their jobs can continue.”

The President Kaljulaid Foundation still implores everyone to support Ukrainian media channels.

To do that,

  • make a transfer to the account of President Kaljulaid Foundation MTÜ: EE667700771006842520 (SWIFT: LHVBEE22)
  • enter “For Ukrainian independent media” in the transfer details box.

Everything thus collected will be transferred to independent media outlets of Ukraine.