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The President Kaljulaid Foundation donates another 38,000€ to Ukrainian independent media

Yesterday, the President Kaljulaid Foundation transferred 38,000 euros collected with the support of donors to independent Ukrainian media channels. That brings the total donated to Ukrainian media through the fund to 249,000 euros.

In the last round of donations, the fund supported four Ukrainian independent media houses: Ukrainskaya Pravda, Novoye Vremya, Rubryka and Kyiv Independent.

Donations have been received from many people and organizations, from a few euros to tens of thousands. Among others, the Korean disaster relief organization Hope Bridge made a large donation, and the students of Tartu VOCO also collected money for the fund.

“The war has been going on for over four months now. Among all this horror, it has been good to see that we will not forget the Ukrainians so quickly,” said President Kersti Kaljulaid. “We understand that they are also fighting for us and that they need help in their fight. Yes, also military help, but the rest of their society also needs a lot of support. So does the independent press, whose income largely evaporated at the end of February, but on whom Ukraine depends now perhaps more than ever.”

According to Kaljulaid, the fund supported journalists precisely because, even if the market no longer functions in such a situation, Ukrainians and the whole world, including the non-free world, need independent journalism in Ukraine. “Journalism without money does not work. Families need food, homes need heating, computers, cameras and fuel for cars are needed for work. However, independent media will continue to be one of the cornerstones of a free Ukraine. Restoring the country will be a very large and complex project, and a strong media will definitely help keep the system clearer and more honest,” emphasized Kaljulaid.