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Report: the first year of the President Kaljulaid Foundation

Let’s summarize – the first year of the President Kaljulaid Foundation.

When creating the fund, president Kaljulaid set the goal of promoting the values that she stood for as head of state – democracy, human rights, rule of law, freedoms and digital leadership.

Taavi Linnamäe, CEO of the foundation, summarizes the first year as follows: “The former head of state’s fund is a first-of-its-kind initiative in Estonia, which requires a lot of analysis, new ideas and testing. The first year was, on one hand, the year of launching the fund – building a team and network, finding and creating funding opportunities, forming a longer view and strategy, just like with any starting organization. On the other hand, a number of completely new initiatives were undertaken, and their volume, range of topics, impact and scope will certainly grow in the coming years. In addition, the creation of various speaking opportunities for President Kaljulaid around the world, countless meetings in Estonia and further afield – the opportunities where we stood up for values important to the foundation and President Kaljulaid have actually been countless.”


Some of the most important initiatives of the President Kaljulaid Foundation in 2022:

At the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the foundation began to collect donations to support independent Ukrainian media. A total of 340,000 euros was donated to Ukrainian media through the foundation. Thanks to everyone who chipped in!

To mark 20 years passing since the opening of the first Estonian women’s shelter in Tartu, the President Kaljulaid Foundation organized a conference on intimate partner violence “Tangotantsust lähenemiskeeluni,” the focus of which was to bring together different parties involved in intimate partner violence and find common solutions.

Throughout the year, the foundation organized various projects, interviews and performances to promote the green revolution. In September, the fund organized a seminar on financing the green turn. President Kaljulaid continues to be the patron of the Estonian Eco-Schools, and the foundation also financially supports their activities.

The role of the global advocate for Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) means preparing an annual report, publishing articles, working with the network, meetings at the UN and keeping the issue in the spotlight at various UN events, etc.

During the year, the fund helped organize nearly 30 work trips abroad, two of them to Ukraine.


If what we have done and the values that the foundation and President Kaljulaid stand for are important to you, then you too have the opportunity to help out! Donations are one of the main sources of financing the activities of the President Kaljulaid Foundation, and we thank everyone who has already supported the fund! Donate to:


President Kaljulaid Foundation MTÜ

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