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PKF looking for solutions to intimate partner violence with expert group

The President Kaljulaid Foundation is looking for solutions to intimate partner violence (IPV) in Estonia, and convened expert groups to map out possible solutions.

“Experts in intimate partner violence know we’re up against more challenges than there are problem solvers and time to address them. Yet, all experts are brimming with ideas,” noted President Kersti Kaljulaid after meeting with the second panel of specialists.

“So, what exactly should we tackle in Estonia in the near future, aiming for fewer instances of intimate partner violence and healthier human relationships? Many dedicated individuals in Estonia have grappled with this complex issue for years, some for decades. We’re now making a concerted effort to pool their wisdom,” Kaljulaid clarified.

Hannaliisa Uusma, director of the Foundation’s IPV field, remarked that the project has garnered significant interest from experts. “Representatives from media, government ministries, the sports sector, law enforcement, healthcare, various businesses, educational institutions, and a host of non-profit organizations have all shown a heartfelt commitment to reducing IPV in Estonia and making assistance more accessible,” said Uusma.

The President Kaljulaid Foundation is a non-profit entity founded to promote democracy, digital culture, and the respect for human rights and freedoms, both in Estonia and on a global scale.

The brainstorming sessions were attended by:

Good Deed Foundation
Estonian Midwives Association
Responsible Business Forum
Estonian HR Society
TALTECH Institute of Business Management
NGO Child Protection Union
Pärnu Women’s Support Centre
Estonian Women’s Shelters Union
NGO Children in Intimate Partner Violence
Estonian Chamber of Disabled People
Estonian Anti-Doping and Sports Ethics Foundation
Journalists Kärt Anvelt, Laura Mallene, Keiu Virro
Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry of Justice
Police and Border Guard Board
Office of the Prosecutor General
Viru District Prosecutor’s Office
Social Insurance Board, Victim Support
Tartu Department of Social Welfare and Health
Tallinn City Government
Tartu University Hospital
Women’s Support and Information Centre
Estonian LGBT Association