Kaljulaid Foundation & Estonian Embassy in France to hold Ukraine fundraiser

These pictures were drawn by children of the Zhytomyr SOS Children’s Village. The vivid colours mask untold horrors experienced during the Russian invasion.

Our message is simple: we need to help them, and we will. Read on for how you can, too.

On Thursday evening, these pictures and many others will be given to kind fundraisers who will help us achieve that aim. A fundraiser event hosted by the Estonian Embassy in Paris and president Kersti Kaljulaid will seek to help children as directly as possible.

The aim of the event is to collect funds in order to provide computers to orphans living in children’s homes in the region of Zhytomyr, West of Kyiv. The computers are essential to help these children get access to education that is now provided only in distance learning format and it is also their hope for a better future. Our goal is to fund the purchase and transport of 100 laptops of around 500 euros each, a total budget of 50 000 euros.

Zhytomyr region has 69 children’s homes that host 5 to 12 children per home, a total of 295 children. On the Ukrainian side, our partner is the President of the Ukraine-Estonia Parliamentary Friendship Group in the Ukrainian parliament, Mr. Arsenii Pushkarenko. The distribution of the computers will take place in cooperation with the Estonian Embassy in Kyiv.

After the fall of communism, Estonia successfully rebuilt itself and its economy thanks to e-governance and innovative solutions. Our experience showed us that the transformation of a country starts by educating children. Both Estonia and France put strong emphasis on quality education that is accessible to everyone and sending these computers will be our common contribution to the reconstruction of a more innovative and more resilient Ukraine. Children are the future of Ukraine, our future. Let us give them hope and support!

Do you wish to chip in and make sure as many children as possible receive laptops for school? Kindly do so by donating:

Name: President Kaljulaid Foundation MTÜ
IBAN: EE667700771006842520
Explanation: “France for Ukraine”